Comprehensive HR Solutions #

Efficient and Robust

As a top HRO provider, OnePoint delivers an exceptional, comprehensive HR package that is more cost-effective, efficient and robust than maintaining an in-house HR and benefits department and negotiating for competitive benefits piecemeal. This solution is especially effective for employers that do not have the resources or desire to staff their own internal HR department and personnel. It is also a very effective solution for organizations that are fast growing or need the ability to remain agile. We are your "plug and play" HR resource.

Comprehensive and Flexible

Unlike many HR providers, the OnePoint HRO solution is comprehensive, yet flexible. Clients are able to build a customized solution that best addresses their needs.

Our comprehensive HR solution includes:

Did You Know?

Companies have three levels of HR related costs:
1) The costs of benefits;
2) The costs of HR administration; and
3) Intangible HR costs (employee turnover, disputes, litigation, etc.).
Most businesses substantially underestimate all three cost levels. OnePoint�s comprehensive HR solutions can effectively reduce benefit, administration and intangible HR costs.