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Employee Login


Employee Darwinet Login Login

Employee login to Darwinet to view check stubs, direct deposit information, tax status information and to change address. Employees can also access forms and benefit information.


Employee PayChoice Login Login

The employee can access W2 copies, check stub copies. If the employer elected OnLine Employer HR forms, the employee can access forms and benefit information. This is also called Employee Self Service.


Employee Benefit Resources


Aetna Health Plan Participants Login

Find a provider, access wellness plan resources, sign up for Aetna Navigator, RX information


Flex Plan Participants Login

Forms, information on reimbursable expenses, file a claim, information on retailers that accept debit card


Nationwide 401(k) plan participants Login

View 401k account, look at different fund options, move money


Nationwide 401(k) participants with CLS managed accounts Login

View results, performance, etc.