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Did You Know?

Nationwide, thousands of companies (large and small) are finding that outsourcing their human resources function is the solution to their HR needs. This strategic management option allows a company to remain focused on its core competencies, helping them to further develop and meet their business goals and objectives.

Essentially, an outsource HR solution offers companies and their employees the services of a human resources department within a large corporation.

Company Overview

OnePoint helps companies and organizations from small to large outsource and automate all aspects of their human resource operations. For small to medium size organizations, OnePoint provides a host of HRO (Human Resource Outsource) solutions including comprehensive HR solutions, payroll services and menu based, separate HR solutions. The separate HR solutions include affordable benefits, safety management and a host of other solutions.

For larger organizations (those with their own HR personnel), OnePoint offers a powerful, Web-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS). This provides a comprehensive solution to manage payroll and benefits administration, as well as other business-critical human resource processes. Our HRMS application allows mid-market to larger organizations to deliver world-class services to their employees and reduce costs. We can help improve operational efficiencies with shared HR services and on demand HRIS application solutions.

Although we always search for new and additional means to automate and streamline our clients HR processes, we are always mindful that our HR professionals and the service they provide are the cornerstone of our company. You will not find a centralized (1-800) solution at OnePoint; you will find competent, well-trained professionals that offer world-class service.


"OnePoint has always strived to help us comply with all human resource laws while holding down administrative and workers compensation costs."

- Owner,Technical Services Firm

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