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Comprehensive Services

OnePoint's broad range of integrated Payroll and HR services offers customized solutions for every business with 1 to 5,000 employees. We do not sell a product - we sell solutions that are customized to fit your business' needs.


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Payroll Services

OnePoint's integrated payroll services are flexible, customized solutions based upon a service first platform: you have an assigned representative that is part of a dedicated team so that you have easy access to a payroll professional.


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Shared HR : The Next Step

The process of HR outsourcing has been around since the early 1970's. The next step is Shared HR Services - a Provider and client partner to identify a combination of technology (an Human Resource Management System or "HRMS"), services and structure to provide business focus, reduced costs and efficiency.

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Control or Reduce Benefit Costs

OnePoint HRO can help your company offer benefits so that your business stays competitive, retains employees, and helps employees minimize their share of benefit costs. We offer some of the most cost effective benefit plans available - your company can be part of a large group plan
and reap the benefits of large group rates

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